Title Tupang Ligaw by Rod Santiago
Releasing Date 17-Feb
Movie 2016
Genre Action
Genre 2 Military-themed
Production Outfit BG Productions International
Actor/Actress Matteo Guidicelli
Actor/Actress 2 Rico Barrera
Actor/Actress 3 Paolo Contis
Actor/Actress 4 Ara Mina
Actor/Actress 5 Suzette Ranillo
Casts Matteo Guidicelli, Rico Barrera, Paolo Contis, Ara Mina, Suzette Ranillo
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Plot/About/Reviews Tupang Ligaw opens with Abel (Matteo Guidecelli) arriving at the outskirts of Barrio Paraiso, a little provincial town run with an iron fist by the sinister crime lord El Diablo (Paolo Contis). Abel is in town to find his troubled older brother, hoping to bring him home and fulfill a promise made at his father’s deathbed. He gets some help from the widow Melissa (Ara Mina) and her young son, who offer him a place to hide out while wages a violent war in hostile territory against the crime lord and his many well armed goons… (clickthecity, 2016)
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Src/Ref Yotube; The Free Encyclopedia; Around the City Online
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