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Production Outfit

Here are the initial lists of producing film outfit in Philippine cinemas. For more info just click the name provided. Please note that these names are not yet complete and are subject to change for updates.

If you may have furthermore details that may be added and useful to improve this post, please feel free to add your comment, feedback and suggestions. Thank you for participating with us.

365 Dragon Films
ABJ Productions
APT Entertainment
BG Productions International
Black Maria Pictures
Brillante Mendoza
Buchi Boy Films
CCM Creatives
Center Stage Productions
Cineko Productions
Cinema One Originals
Cinemaworld International
Creative Minds
Creative Saints
D’ Great Rovers Entertainment
Erasto Films
Felix and Bert Film Productions
Feliz Film Productions
Firestarters Productions
GMA Films
GroundHit Productions
Heaven’s Best Entertainment
Imaginary Friends Studios
Insight 360
Jesuit Communications Foundation
Kamaru Productions
KIB Productions
Largavista Entertainment
LEB Telon Film Production
Light Cinema
Martinez Rivera Films
Media East Productions
Meganon Comics
MJM Production
M-Zet Productions
OctoArts Films
Octobertrain Films
OLE ELITE Entertainment
Outpost Visual Frontier
Quantum Films
Quento Media
Reality Entertainment
Regal Entertainment
RMS Productions
Rocketsheep Studios
Rolyo Productions
Scenema Concepts International
Shooting Up Productions
Silver Story Production
Sine Olivia Pilipinas
Solar Entertainment
Star Cinema
Tamed Rose Productions
Team Campry Entertainment
Teamwork Film Productions
Ten17 Productions
Sine Olivia Pilipinas
The IdeaFirst Company
Thriverion Media Production
Toast Productions Inc
Tuko Film Productions
Unitel Productions
Visioncapture Media
Viva Films
Voyage Studios
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